Southport Karate Training

The Southport Miyagi Karate Club is not currently holding any regular classes though we are continuing  to get together for training. The sessions will be coordinated through a private Facebook group limited to club members and invited guests.

Be warned, training will be physically hard, it will require determined effort and you will be pushed beyond your limits in order to strengthen and condition your body and mind as is required in order to build effective karate skills. 

All people with the right attitude will be welcomed, it does not matter how big or small you are, how talented or how athletic, the aim of our training is to improve, to be the best we can be. Age (provided you are over 16), gender, ethnicity, religious background, sexual orientation, political persuasion etc are all irrelevant to us, you must have respect and a willingness to train hard.

From time to time we may run seminars, these will be posted as events on our Facebook page (, these seminars will mainly be on IOGKF Goju-ryu Karate or practical applied karate, the seminars will be theme based in order to develop a particular aspect e.g. we may run an entire seminar on a single Goju-ryu kata and it’s applications, alternatively we may focus on a particular aspect of self-defence. It is our belief that these focused seminars are excellent platforms for making significant improvements over a relatively short time period.


For further information and guidance please see our frequently asked questions.

Training Times

If you are interested in any of the above then please enquire either by e-mail: or contact us via Facebook messenger

Our training events

Your commitment


Members are required to demonstrate high levels of respect and etiquette to each other


Members have a responsibility to organise themselves, club activities will frequently be coordinated on a self-service basis, therefore members will need to access club communications via the internet etc and make arrangements for their own participation in any club activities.

Health, Safety, Fitness and Conditioning

Each member must take personal responsibility for their health, safety, fitness and conditioning to enable them to participate safely in any club activities. Every member participating in any club coordinated training will share equal responsibility for the health and safety of activities.

Instruction and Supervision

The clubs coordinated training sessions will not involve instruction or supervision, therefore each individual member retains full responsibility for their participation in any training activities.

Club seminars, courses and private tuition are entirely different to the regular coordinated training sessions and will involve instruction and supervision by qualified and insured instructors. 


Each member will be responsible for providing their own equipment and takes full responsibility for the safe and appropriate use of this equipment in any club activities.