Our next training seminar - 11th February 2018 - Timing & Distance

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Senior Goju Kata Training - Wed. 22 Aug. 2018

Senior kata with a focus on effective movement via structure, posture, muscle activation and control. One kata will be selected, the core components will be broken down and reconstructed to improve, power and flow.

Senior practitioners only, minimum age 18 years.

Booking Required

Please request to book via our Facebook page  (click on the (f) above - 

or email Sensei@SouthportKarate.co.uk

Please confirm your attendance by Monday 20th Aug. Venue will be in the Southport area. Exact venue depends upon numbers and will be confirmed on Tues. 21st Aug.

Time / Venue

Training commences at 19:30 hrs

Venue location will be the Southport area, exact venue 

to be confirmed depending upon numbers

Southport Karate Training

The ethos of our training is Realistic Optimisation.

Realistic means the training is focused upon practical effective karate. Practical effectiveness comes from technique, timing, strengthening and conditioning of the body and of the mind-set.

Optimisation means we get the best out of ourselves. Training is focused upon individual need and takes account of the physical limitations that come with prolonged training over decades. Students train at their own level, pushing their boundaries but not restricted by injuries or inflexibilities. We focus on what is achievable and we make it better. 

Our baseline is traditional Okinawa Goju-ryu karate, with its unique ability to develop incredibly powerful techniques often suited to the close-combat of self-defence situations.

We learn and adapt from other systems to make our training more effective - this includes yoga for increased flexibility, for listening and tuning in to the needs of our bodies. We cross-train to develop understanding of other martial systems including weapons, to challenge our limitations and improve our effectiveness.

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If you are interested in any of the above then please enquire either by e-mail: sensei@southportkarate.co.uk or contact us via Facebook messenger www.facebook.com/southportkarate

Your commitment


Members are required to demonstrate high levels of respect and etiquette to each other


Members have a responsibility to organise themselves, club activities will frequently be coordinated on a self-service basis, therefore members will need to access club communications via the internet etc and make arrangements for their own participation in any club activities.

Health, Safety, Fitness and Conditioning

Each member must take personal responsibility for their health, safety, fitness and conditioning to enable them to participate safely in any club activities. Every member participating in any club coordinated training will share equal responsibility for the health and safety of activities.

Instruction and Supervision

The clubs coordinated training sessions will not involve instruction or supervision, therefore each individual member retains full responsibility for their participation in any training activities.

Club seminars, courses and private tuition are entirely different to the regular coordinated training sessions and will involve instruction and supervision by qualified and insured instructors. 


Each member will be responsible for providing their own equipment and takes full responsibility for the safe and appropriate use of this equipment in any club activities.