Our next training seminar - 11th February 2018 - Timing & Distance

Our Sensei

Guy Keen, 6th Dan

Chief Instructor Sensei Guy Keen, started his training  in Wado Ryu Karate in 1981 before moving to Southport and started Goju-ryu under Sensei Pete McDowell. 

Instructor Qualifications:

1988: 1st Dan (Examiner Sensei McDowell) Southport, England; 

1991: 2nd Dan (Examiner Sensei McDowell)  Southport, England;

1995: 3rd Dan (Examiner Sensei McDowell) Southport, England;

2000: 4th Dan (Examiner Sensei McDowell)  Southport, England.

2005: 4th Dan (Examiner Sensei Higaonna) Mercia, Spain.

2009: 5th Dan (Examiner Sensei Molyneux) Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

2015: 6th Dan (Examiner Sensei Higaonna)  Hombu Dojo, Okinawa.

Sensei Guy has broadened his experience by training across a wide range of martial systems including Boxing, Judo, Ju Jitsu, T'ai Chi, Escrima and Kobudo, training in Tokyo, Okinawa, Canada, Belgium, Norway and Spain. 

Karl Wolfenden, 5th Dan

Sensei Karl started his karate journey back in 1990, at the Southport Myagi Karate School under the instruction of Sensei Pete McDowell, little did he know then that this was to be the start of a life long journey of training and dedication to martial arts. 

Instructor Qualifications:

1994: 1st Dan (Examiner Sensei McDowell) Southport, England; 

2003: 2nd Dan (Examiner Sensei McDowell) Southport, England;
2006: 3rd Dan (Examiner Sensei McDowell) Southport, England;

2009: 4th Dan 2009 (Examiner Sensei  Molyneux) Liverpool, England;

2014: 5th dan (Examiner Sensei  Molyneux) Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

Sensei Karl has found that Goju-Ryu Karate helps improve mind, body & spirit through self defence, flexibility, endurance, positive attitude and character and it's ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life.  

Sensei Karl is a frequent attendee on national & international events, having trained in Okinawa, South Africa, Norway, Spain, Canada and Italy.

Stuart Smith, 3rd Dan

Sensei Stuart started training with Southport Miyagi Karate School in 1994 after seeing an article on Sensei Guy in a local paper. Sensei Stuart's initial reason for starting karate was to improve his general fitness.  

Instructor Qualifications:

2001: 1st Dan (Examiner Sensei McDowell) Southport, England;'

 2006: 2nd Dan (Examiner Sensei Molyneux) Liverpool, England;

2009: 3rd Dan (Examiner Sensei Molyneux) Liverpool, England.

Sensei Stuart founded the childrens karate class at Southport Miyagi in October 2001 with the opening of the Neville St Dojo. 

Sensei Stuart is a solid pillar of SMKS, he has nurtured a high number of junior students successfully reaching black-belts and gaining success at national championships. Sensei Stuart leads his students by example, as he continuously drives to further his own karate level, he has attended seminars under many notable senior instructors in the IOGKF, including Sensei’s Higaonna, Bakkies and Terrauchi, as far as Norway, Canada & Okinawa.

Our Credentials

Karate Qualifications

Our instructors are licensed and graded by the EGKA and IOGKF. EGKA is a recognised Karate Association by Karate England, the national governing body.